An Acoustemological Study in Three Thirds

1/3 Mechanical Vibrations - A Collaborative Experimental Soundscape

For its second season “The Third”, Mnemozine is excited to announce its new sub-project oriented towards sound and music, Mnemosonic. We will kick off this project with a series of experimental concerts focused on the acoustemological potential of relationality through vibrations. Each third will explore one type of vibration, examining how networks of vibrational relations grow and evolve into acoustic structures. We will explore the thirds, these relational lines of flight emerging in-between the first and the second. Ultimately, we will seek to sketch the contours of a sonic cartography of thirds.

For the first third, we will investigate how musicians listen, react, and respond through their instruments to other musicians playing in other rooms, exploring the emergence of sonic relations relying solely on the interaction with mechanic vibrations.

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