Mnemozine is a Luxembourgish interdisciplinary research and art collective which manifests itself as a platform for experiments in philosophy, sociology and contemporary art practice. Merging cultural mediation and critical inquiry, it interacts with its social landscape by means of written publications, online content, collaborations and public interventions. Its intent is to highlight the intimate link between theoretical reflection, creative practice and the exchange of ideas in the face of a tumultuous reality.

The demands set by our present predicaments reverberate in the chasm between philosophical analysis and daring artistic representation, and it is within this abyssal inter-space that Mnemozine grows, unfolds and expands its roots, digging ever deeper into the questions of our time. Through the recollection of a rich tradition and the amplification of contemporary voices fruits are borne and new perspectives are formed.

The platform has two main outlets: the Zine is laid out in seasons, with each season focusing on one central question; the Blog serves as a regular publishing platform for theoretical and artistic contributions as well as other formats. As more and more contributions are added, the platform, expanding and contracting like a hybrid organism, continuously launches and relaunches the possibility to re-think, re-write and re-create, sometimes with stern scrutiny,  sometimes with lighthearted humour, our place in a critical and decisive present.


Mathieu Buchler
Claire Buchler
Christophe Rippinger
Lynn Klemmer
Nadina Faljić
Charles Rouleau

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