From Ether to Eden

Colloquium & Artist Talk

Colloquium & artist talk in the framework of artist in residence Lynn Klemmer's exhibition I Will Not Return to a Universe of Objects That Don’t Know Each Other

Guest speakers:
Lynn Klemmer (multimedia artist, co-founder of Mnemozine, Luxembourg)
Christopher Michael (writer, artist, Philadelphia, PA) (via stream)
Mathieu Buchler (teacher, photographer, co-founder of Mnemozine, Luxembourg)
Saelyx Finna (researcher, media artist, rural Ohio) (via stream)

Moderated by Nadina Faljic (Casino Display)

In English

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the Internet.

With online interactions becoming more and more stale, taking place on only a handful of interconnected platforms, there is an increasing desire to venture towards other modes of experiencing the digital. In order to imagine a new paradigm for our digital existence, this small symposium aims to explore the following questions: Do digital technologies harbour untapped spiritual possibilities? How are dreams and technology connected? Does the digital lay bare new layers within the material? What meaning do chance and surprise hold in an age of algorithmic prognosis?

Organised by Lynn Klemmer, artist in residence at Casino Display, in the context of her exhibition I Will Not Return to a Universe of Objects That Don't Know Each Other, this panel invites Christopher Michael (Philadelphia, PA), Saelyx Finna (OH) and Mathieu Buchler (Luxembourg) to give a short presentation of their research, and to engage in a discussion with the artist. The event will be moderated by Nadina Faljic, curator at Casino Display.

Saelyx Finna is a dream tech researcher and creative media artist. Previously, they were the Executive and Artistic Director for Northwest Film Forum, the largest comprehensive independent film center in the Pacific Northwest. Saelyx has presented on the ethics of dream tech for the Interaction Design Association and the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and is a member of the Guild of Future Architects.

Christopher Michael is an artist and writer based in Philadelphia, PA. He is interested in folklore, mysticism, spirituality, and their relationship to new media and technology. He works mainly in video art and essay writing and holds a BA in English and Film from University College Dublin. He is currently a remote Masters student at HMKW Berlin, studying Visual and Media Anthropology with a focus on spirituality and the virtual world.

Mathieu Buchler studied philosophy at University College Dublin and at Freie Universität Berlin. He is particularly interested in the question of contingency in relation to German Idealism, deconstruction and images. He is a teacher, photographer and co-founder of Mnemozine, a Luxembourgish interdisciplinary research and art collective which manifests itself as a platform for experiments in philosophy, sociology and contemporary art practice.

Lynn Klemmer is a multimedia artist. She graduated at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin with a BA in Fine Art and Visual Culture and is an MA student in European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam. Her art practice, involving various media, explores the boundary between the analog and the digital, humans and machines, as well as questions regarding the bond between images and meaning. She is also a co-founder of Mnemozine.

Nadina Faljic is a curator, freelance mediator and writer based in Luxembourg. She holds an MA in Curatorial Studies from Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar and a Bachelor’s in art history from University of Saarland, Germany. Her fields of interest include art and media theory, spatial perception, feminist, queer and gender studies. She currently works as a project and artist in residency coordinator at Casino Display in Luxembourg City.

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