Ksenia Khmelnitskaya - I will be listening to seashells when I get back from work.
Part of Sticky Flames/ Bodies, Objects and Affects, Co-Curated by Nadina Faljic and Mnemozine.
On view at Casino Display until the 5.12.2021.
Photo by Charles Rouleau

Entry # 6 02.12.2021

From Peachy Bottoms to Seashells Escapism

Lorraine Vaney

By valuing the experience of vulnerability, Sticky Flames/ Bodies, Objects and Affects warms me up on a cold November day.

I missed the buzzy vernissage; the Instagram posts and stories I stalked from afar suggested a promising exhibition, praised by a curious and diverse crowd. I realized I haven’t been diving in the social ecosystem of vernissages in a long time, and booked a train ticket to Luxembourg the day after.

The train takes me through ghost towns, lying bored and soaked in the borderland between Metz and the gallery. It’s a cold and melancholic ride. However, upon arrival, the mellow light of the gallery swept away the apathy and the raindrops on my shoulders.

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