Illuatration by Lynn Klemmer 

Entry #5 07.11.2021

The Artist is an Oculus

Christopher Michael

I like to think (and
the sooner the better!)
of a cybernetic meadow
where mammals and computers
live together in mutually
programming harmony
like pure water
touching clear sky.
From “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace” by Richard Brautigan

Mysticism and the Possibilities of Virtual Reality

Humans have long had a need to create virtual spaces beyond our physical bodies. Storytelling, psychedelics, and ritual have been used for centuries to commune with other realms, making accessible that which our material bodies cannot reach. “Virtual realities” have connected humans to liminal, spiritual worlds that have no materiality, yet have been a very real part of nearly all cultures since prehistoric times. In the current, digital age, virtual reality is synonymous with interactive media technologies (i.e video games and animation), and, though these forms are often used for entertainment purposes, their capacity for mystical and spiritual uses has largely been overlooked.

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