©Max Gindt
Entry #11: 24.02.2022


Max Gindt

Do you know that feeling of shame that incurs each time you order pizza with your friends, the pizza arrives, and you hand them a  wobbly and blunt pizzacutter? The look they give you? And the shame when they remember how equally blunt and wobbly their own pizzacutters are in their sad kitchendrawers. Well, fear no more! Why don’t you suscribe to my pizzacutter-as-a-service online offer? It entails getting a freshly sharpened pizza cutter every time you order pizza with your friends. The round blade turns on a freshly lubricated ball bearing of the highest quality, salvaged from my rollerskates. You’ll cut your pizzas into so many slices that the eating itself will become secondary. Pay 10 euros a month during the first 6 months. There’s an app, of course.

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